Do Jime - Body Choke

Shime Waza #7
  Do Jime, when applied properly can crush the rib-cage and torso of a person.  This was a commonly practiced and accepted technique for gaining a submission in Ju Jitsu. This technique is illegal in Judo and will result in Tori receiving "Hansoku Make" (Disqualification) if applied in a tournament.  


  Begin by sitting on the mat facing Uke and having Uke approach you from between your legs. As Uke reaches the right arm through to grab your collar, place your left leg along the side of Uke's right ribs. When Uke reaches through with the left arm, wrap your right leg around his torso and lock your ankles. Maintain your grasp of Uke's arms or lapels during this technique.  


  To apply the choke, straighten your legs. This will cause your knees to press sharply into Uke's ribs. The potential for injury in this technique is great which is why it has been banned as a shiai technique by the Kodokan.  


  Since this technique is illegal, no defense will be discussed.  
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