Gyaku Juji Jime - Reverse Cross Choke

Shime Waza #2
  Gyaku Juji Jime, when applied properly is a blood choke which works by stopping the blood flow to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally through the entire process.  


  Begin by having Uke lie on his back. Step astride of Uke, facing towards Uke’s head. With your right hand, cross Uke’s center line to grab Uke’s RIGHT lapel. Your thumbs should be out so that your palm is up facing away from Uke’s shoulder and the thumb is next to the neck. The knuckles should be placed against the neck, approximately along a line that extends directly below the ear towards the collar bone where it joins the sternum.

With the thumb placed outside the lapel and the fingers on the inside, slide your hand down to the back of the lapel. With your left hand, take a correspondingly deep grip of Uke’s Left lapel with your thumb outside.

Your wrists should be crossed in front of Uke and just below the chin. Both of your thumbs should be outside the lapels.


  To apply the choke, tighten your grip on Uke's lapels and give your hands a slight turn so that the back of your hands approach Uke's neck. Flex your wrists in the direction of your thumbs and pull Uke towards you. You should not be applying this choke by pressing down on Uke's neck by by pulling Uke toward you, lifting Uke's head of of the mat and flexing your elbows outward.

As the choke is applied, your head and Uke's should approach and nearly meet about midway between you and he. Uke's head should rise off of the mat a few inches and yours should be lowered at the same time.

As your hands turn, palms outward, and your elbows open wider, Uke should feel a warm sensation in the face letting him know that the blood flow has been restricted. As soon as Uke taps out, release the grip.


  To defend against Gyaku Juji Jime, place your tongue against the roof of your mouth and press strongly. This helps to strengthen the neck and prevent your air and blood supply from being closed off. Next turn your head towards Uke's lower hand and drive your chin down as hard as you can and keep it there. Now that your neck is stronger, you have a couple of options on how to break the choke.

Option A:
Place your hands on the Uke's elbow without crossing your center line.  Press strongly with both hands at the same time to straighten Uke's arms.  This will release the pressure of the cross choke.

Option B:
Notice which of Uke's arms is on top and place a hand under that elbow.   Lift strongly raising that elbow high above.  Since your chin is already on the back of Uke's lower hand, you should be able to duck your head under Uke's raised arm escaping the choke.

Option C:
Notice which hand is on bottom in this cross choke.   Spin your body in the direction of Uke's lower arm.   Continue moving in that direction as this will uncross Uke's hands and eliminate the choke.
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