Ude Hishigi Hara Gatame - Arm Crushing Stomach Arm Lock

Kansetsu Waza #6
  Hara Gatame, when applied properly uses the abdomen to apply a joint lock to the elbow.   When applied properly, this will cause Uke to tap the mat twice thereby giving up in order to save the elbow.  


  Begin by having both Uke and Tori take a kneeling position on the left knee with the right foot placed on the mat. Take a normal grip with your right hand at your partner’s lapel and your left at the sleeve. Using your left hand, dislodge Uke’s grasp of your lapel so that you are able to grasp Uke’s wrist with your right hand. With your left hand release your grasp of Uke’s sleeve and reach across Uke’s shoulder to seize Uke’s left lapel. Then bring the lapel across Uke’s throat as you turn toward your right, pulling Uke’s right wrist to your right hip.
At this point, you and Uke should be facing the same direction with Uke’s right arm stretched across your abdomen. You left hand should have a firm grasp of Uke’s left lapel across the throat and your right hand should have Uke’s right wrist. You and Uke should still be on your knees but Uke should be bent forward. In order for the elbow to be in the correct position to apply the lock, Uke’s right pinky should be towards your back.


  To apply the arm lock, tighten your grip on Uke’s left lapel, and right wrist. Extend your abdomen out against the elbow while at the same time pulling the lapel and wrist back. To apply the lock, the hand should always be moved in the direction of the pinky finger.  
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