Ude Hishigi Hiza Gatame - Arm Crushing Knee Arm Lock (Bottom)

Kansetsu Waza #4a
  Hiza Gatame, when applied properly is an arm lock which uses the knee to apply the lock against Uke’s elbow.  By hyper extending the elbow, you can forward Uke to tap twice thereby giving up in order to save the elbow joint.  


  Begin by having both Uke and Tori take a kneeling position on the left knee with the right foot placed on the mat. Take a normal grip with your right hand at your partner’s lapel and your left at the sleeve. From this position, drop to a seated position and slide your right foot to the base of Uke’s left knee which is on the mat.
While maintaining your grip on Uke, pull Uke across your right leg while at the same time, pushing Uke’s right knee away. This loss of support will cause Uke to fall face down across your right leg. As Uke falls to the mat across your right leg, lie back and place your left foot on Uke’s hip at the belt. Pull with your left hand so that Uke’s right arm is straightened.
Your left knee should be able to reach Uke’s elbow readily and if not, adjust your foot placement on Uke’s side. Also make sure that Uke’s pinky is upward so that the joint lock can be applied readily.


  To apply the arm lock, tighten your grip on Uke’s wrist with your right hand and pin Uke’s right arm to your side. Your left hand should be open and the palm placed against the elbow. Your left foot should be on Uke’s right side so that the knee can be placed above the elbow. Now press down with your knee while supporting the wrist.  
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