Ude Hishigi Hiza Gatame - Arm Crushing Knee Arm Lock (Kesa)

Kansetsu Waza #4b
  Hiza Gatame, when applied properly is an arm lock which uses the knee to apply the lock against Uke’s elbow.  By hyper extending the elbow, you can forward Uke to tap twice thereby giving up in order to save the elbow joint.  


  Begin by applying Kesa Gatame to Uke. Keep your right leg up against Uke's right side. Your left leg needs to be kept close to you. With Uke's right arm held under your left and pinned to your side, Uke manages to free his right arm. Without allowing Uke's right arm too much freedom, trap it and place the right elbow on top of your outstretched right thigh.
Using your left hand to control Uke's right wrist, stretch the arm out directly to Uke's right side. Lift your left knee and hook it around Uke's wrist. With your left thigh on Uke's wrist and your right thigh supporting Uke's right elbow, you are now in a position to apply the lock.


  To apply the arm lock, tighten your grip on Uke’s neck with your right arm so that Uke's shoulder doesn't rise from the mat. Slowly press down with your left knee to lock out Uke's right elbow. Continue to press down on Uke's wrist and shoulder until Uke taps out. Ideally, you want to wrap Uke's wrist behind your left knee so that Uke is unable to remove the arm. With your right arm holding Uke's neck firmly, Uke is unable to create sufficient space to free the arm.  
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