Hold Down Entry Methods

Hold downs are one of the four methods of winning a Judo match and therefore critical to your development as a Judoka.   In sport Judo however, the referees will often not allow 10 or 15 seconds of time for a mat work exchange to progress unless there is sufficient 'progress' being made so that Judo can be a more 'action packed, spectator friendly' sport.

Not allowing this area of the sport to develop costs the players in that they are not forced to develop this skill. With the popularization of Kosen Judo and most recently the various flavors of Ju Jitsu (or Jui Jitsu), the techniques of mat work have regained a lot of popularity.

To help make sure that you have the opportunity to develop this portion of your Judo, we have put together a few examples of mat techniques. Understand that this are no where near all of the variations of techniques on the mat but just a few samples. I would encourage you to learn more and develop your own and use these simply as a starting point.
Hands & Knees Top   Hands & Knees Bottom
      1. Sit Out To Kesa Gatame
  2. Sit Out To Ushiro Kesa Gatame
        3. Sit Out To Waki Gatame
Legs Around Top
(Bypassing The Legs)
Legs Around Bottom
(Defending The Guard)
1.  Legs Around Top Basics WMV      
2.  Side Control After Getting Around Legs WMV       
3.  Single Leg Extraction WMV      
4.  Same Side Leg WMV       
5.  Cross Side Leg WMV       
6.  Somersault Entry WMV       
7.  Double Belt Stack WMV       
8.  Double Belt Stack to Juji Gatame WMV      
9.  Double Leg Swing WMV      
10.Counter Grip WMV      
11.Advanced Ankle Trap WMV      
12.Frog Leg Release WMV      
13.Frog Leg Retain WMV      
14.Single Hand Stack WMV      
15.Double Leg Push-Pull WMV      
16.Inch Worm WMV      
17.Fake Juji Gatame WMV      
18.Double Leg Roll WMV      
19.Cross Ankle Trap WMV      
20.Under Over WMV      
21.Gi Pants Trap WMV