Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame - Arm Crushing Cross Arm Lock

Kansetsu Waza #2
  Juji Gatame, when applied properly is a joint lock against the elbow while the arm is straight. Uke is lying on the mat facing up when this is applied in most instances. By applying the arm lock correctly and causing Uke to tap twice, you can cause Uke to forfeit the match.  


  Begin by having Uke lie down in front of you face up. Since this is most commonly used after a forward throw like O Goshi, we will work from this perspective. You are holding Uke’s right wrist as if you have just completed the throw. Lift on the arm so that Uke is tilted towards the left. Uke’s shoulder and right side should be off of the mat about 4-6 inches. Insert your right foot under the shoulder.
Step across Uke’s face and place your left foot on the mat above Uke’s left shoulder. Sit down as close to Uke’s right shoulder as possible while dragging your left leg across Uke’s face. This is to control Uke’s head and not to cause damage!


  To apply the joint lock, hold Uke’s right wrist close to your chest and lean back. Your knees should be tight together to assist in controlling Uke’s arm. The elbow should be placed on the inside of your left thigh as this will act as the fulcrum for the lock. Continue to lean back slowly, pulling Uke’s right wrist with you until you have Uke’s arm straight and are ready to apply pressure. Apply pressure in the direction of Uke’s pinky finger.
While keeping your knees locked together, slowly raise your hips to apply the lock until Uke signals surrender by tapping the mat twice.
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