Katate Jime - Single Hand Choke

Shime Waza #9
  Katate Jime, when applied properly is a blood choke which works by stopping the blood flow to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally through the entire process.  


  Begin by having Uke lie face down on the mat.   With Uke laying on your right side face down, reach across your body and under Uke to grab the far lapel.   Lower your right side onto the back of Uke's left shoulder with your right elbow on the mat beside Uke's left ear.  


  Press down with your right arm holding Uke's should firmly on the mat.   Pull with your left hand across your body to the left to affect the choke.  


  As the choke is applied, turn towards the choking hand. If Uke is on your left, you will turn to the left.  To help strengthen your neck, press your tongue against the top of your mouth strongly and press your chin down against Tori's hand.  The following are a couple of options for blocking or escaping this choke.

Option A:
Since your left shoulder is pinned, grab Tori with your left hand to prevent his movement.  Pivot your hips around to the right until you feel the pressure of the choke released.  This will happen about the time Tori is positioned above your head.

Option B:
Pull your left arm under your left shoulder to create space between it and the mat.   Quickly sweep your right hand across your body towards Uke.   This will allow you to get Tori off of your back so you can roll away.   Keep rolling across your back to your front in an effort to prevent a hold down from following your choke escape.
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