Ryote Jime - Both Hands Choke

Shime Waza #10
  Ryote Jime, when applied properly is a blood choke which works by stopping the flow of blood to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally during the choke.  


  Begin with Uke standing in front of you. Reach up and grab Uke's lapels with your right hand grabbing the left lapel and your left grabbing the right lapel. Notice that your arms are not crossed as they would be with one of the Juji Jime strangulations. Make sure that your grasp of the lapels is high enough to be just under the chin but not so deep as to be under the ears.

With the second knuckles on each hand, roll your hands up and into Uke's neck so that you are pressing strongly against Uke's neck on either side of the windpipe.


  To apply the choke, continue to press firmly into Uke's neck on either side of the windpipe. If this doesn't work well for you or Uke bends forward to escape the technique, drop to your back as if to perform Tomoe Nage and place your knees on the outside of each forearm. This will provide additional strength to your technique. Press in until Uke taps.  


  As Tori applies the choke, raise one or both arms between Uke's to separate them. You may also want to turn toward either side and attempt to apply Waki Gatame as a counter. This choke is only going to be effective if you are face to face. Once you have turned to the side however, you are still at risk from other chokes.

Option A:
With your hands between Uke's arms to separate them a bit, reach out and grab one of Uke's elbows and pull it towards you.  This pulls Uke's hand past your neck preventing the choke from continuing.

Option B:
Bend forward and drive your head forward (face first) between Uke's hands.   This allows your head to prevent Uke from choking you.
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