Sankaku Gatame - Triangle Hold Down

Osaekomi Waza Miscellaneous #4
  Sankaku Gatame is an immobilization where you control Uke’s neck, one shoulder and Uke’s hip. By controlling your opponent in any immobilization or series of immobilizations for 25 seconds, you can earn a full point and win your match.  


  This hold is performed by using your legs to control Uke. In previous holds, your arms and chest have been the primary tools used to control Uke in the hold. In Sankaku Gatame, you will be using your legs to hold Uke and your hands to maintain a grasp of one of Uke's arms. There are several different entry methods into the hold with are not discussed here. You can find more information on these on the pages for the Sankaku Jime strangulation or in the Entry Methods section for hold downs.
Position yourself at Uke's head so that you are on your back and Uke is on hands and knees at your legs. Place your right leg over Uke's left shoulder so that it is resting on top of his shoulder. Your left is placed under Uke's right arm and your right ankle is placed behind your left knee. Uke's neck and chin should now be in contact with your right inner thigh and your left inner thigh is holding Uke's right shoulder. Your legs now form the triangle from which this technique gets it's name. Grasp Uke's right sleeve with both of your hands and roll your body to the left. This will roll Uke to his back for the hold down.


  To apply the hold-down, tighten your grasp on Uke’s sleeve and pull. With your legs, bend your left leg so that it holds your right ankle firmly. Now flex your legs so that Uke's ability to move is limited. If Uke moves too much, then he will end up moving into Sankaku Jime and be forced to tap out. If you have to release your left hand grasp to pull on your right foot, do so before Uke loosens the hold too much. Be careful not to allow Uke to move to much or especially stand up.  


  To control Uke, keep your legs closed tightly. Use Uke's arm as a lever to prevent Uke from turning to the right or left too much. Make sure you are able to move and scoot along the mat with your hips and elbows so that you can prevent Uke from getting away.  
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