Sankaku Gatame - Triangle Arm Lock (Side)

Kansetsu Waza #10
  Sankaku Gatame is a joint lock which uses the legs for control of Uke's head and shoulders while Tori is able to use his hands to apply a joint lock to the elbow of Uke's captured arm. This technique is permitted in tournaments as long as Tori's legs have control of Uke's neck and a single arm at the shoulder. If both arms are between Tori's legs, then it becomes Do Jime (prohibited) and if no arms are controlled, it is still Do Jime but around the neck only.  


  First, let's discuss the 'Leg' placement in this technique as the hand placement is secondary if the legs are placed properly. Begin on the mat with Uke laying face up and Tori having both legs around Uke's neck and right arm. Tori's left leg should be under Uke's neck and laying on the mat while the right ankle is on top of Uke's left shoulder and tucked in behind Tori's left knee. This forms the triangle so distinctive to Sankaku techniques. Now tighten the legs so that Uke is unable to sit up and turn away from Tori.

Now that the legs are placed correctly, reach up and grab Uke's wrist as you would in Juji Gatame. Pull the arm so that the elbow is placed along your hip or along one of your legs. This should also straighten the arm.


  To apply the technique, maintain a tight squeeze with the legs so Uke is limited in his movement. Now slowly lean back pulling Uke's right wrist down towards the mat. At the point where Uke's elbow is against your hip or leg and is unable to straighten any further, the armbar will begin. Slowly but steadily continue to pull back on Uke's wrist until he taps to complete the technique by submission.  
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