Sankaku Jime - Triangle Choke (Rear Facing Forward)

Shime Waza #12b
  Sankaku Jime, when applied properly is a blood choke which works by stopping the flow of blood to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally during the choke.  


  Begin with Uke kneeling on hands and knees in a high turtle position.  Place your right leg along Uke's right ribs so that your right foot is on the mat immediately behind Uke's right hand.  With your left leg step over Uke's left shoulder so that the back of your left knee is resting against the top of Uke's left shoulder.

With Uke on his hands and knees and you nearly sitting on his back, lift your left foot and move it across Uke's chest towards your right knee. This should remove any extra space that existed between your legs and Uke's neck and shoulder. Reach down and grab the arm that is between your legs. In this scenario, it will be Uke's right arm. Once you have lifted the arm from the mat, you can either roll forward towards Uke's right front corner or towards Uke's left side.

Since the video demonstrates this technique by falling towards Uke's left, we will use this direction in our scenario. As you fall, try to keep your legs tight and bring your left ankle behind your right knee. If this is not possible, reach up and grab your foot with your hand and pull it into place. As your left ankle moves behind your right knee, bend your knee to trap the ankle. Now you and Uke are laying on your backs and you are ready to apply the technique.


  To apply the choke, pull Uke's right arm across his face and squeeze your legs together. If needed, reach up and push Uke's head straight away from behind. This will cause his face to sink into his arm and will help constrict the flow of blood to the brain.

Hold onto Uke's arm and do not allow Uke to break the piece of the triangle formed by your right knee and left ankle. As Uke rolls from side to side, retain your grip and continue to apply the choke until Uke taps.


  First off, don't give up your back as you have very little you can defend with.  Since you are in this position, you have to look at what you have to work with. Start by reaching up and try pushing Uke's right leg straight so that it doesn't have such a solid lock on Uke's left ankle.  Unlock the ankle from behind the knee if possible.

If Uke's legs are very strong, and you can't straighten the leg, pull the right ankle up to the left knee. While it is not a joint lock, you are able to create leverage against some of the weaker muscles of the hip. The motion is very much like Ude Garami but against the leg (knee at a right angle) instead of the arm. This will create space behind the knee and allow movement at the ankle and you may be able to unlock this part of the triangle.

Finally, you can try to pry your right arm away from your neck to create some space. Then try to roll to your knees and stand up. If you are able to start standing up, try to step on one of Uke's arms to create leverage for your escape.  If you are not able to stand, try forcing your free arm between your neck and Tori's legs to create more resistance and protection.
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