Sankaku Jime - Triangle Choke (Bottom)

Shime Waza #12d
  Sankaku Jime, when applied properly is a blood choke which works by stopping the flow of blood to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally during the choke.  


  Begin with Uke kneeling in front of you in your guard.  Place your right leg up onto Uke's left shoulder so that the back of your knee is on Uke's shoulder. Your left leg is under Uke's right arm.

With Uke laying between your legs on his stomach, pull his right arm across your body to your right side. This should place his shoulder muscle across the left side of his neck in position to block the flow of blood to the brain. At this point, Uke's right shoulder should be in contact with the inside of your left thigh.

As soon as you move your right ankle to your left and place it behind your left knee. Take a look at your leg position now. Consider your groin or hips as the first corner. Go down your right leg to the knee and this is your second corner. Now down your right shin to your right ankle and left knee. This is your third and final corner which defines this as Sankaku Jime or the triangle strangulation.


  Now that you are in position, bend your left knee so that it locks your right ankle in place. To apply the choke, pull Uke's right arm across your body to your right, squeeze your legs together and if needed, reach up and pull Uke's head straight down from behind. This will cause his face to sink into his arm and will help constrict the flow of blood to the brain.

Hold onto Uke's arm and do not allow Uke to break the piece of the triangle formed by your right ankle and left knee. As Uke rolls from side to side, retain your grip and continue to apply the choke until Uke taps.


  As Tori starts to set the legs, you can reach up with your left hand and push your right arm out and away from your neck.  This creates some space so you don't pass out.  You can also pull your neck and shoulders back away from Uke's torso and force your way towards Tori's ankles.  This is done by shrugging your shoulders so your neck is protected.

If you can raise yourself to your feet, step onto one of Tori's arms either at the forearm or the bicep and stand up. This forces Uke's upper body to remain on the ground while you stand up thereby forcing Uke's legs apart.

Alternately, you can use the trapped arm and place it across your throat against Tori's opposite leg.   This creates a brace between Tori's legs that prevents you from being choked.  Tori is forced to attack the arm and knowing this allows you to work at defending the arm and escaping at the same time.
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