Miscellaneous Throws of Kodokan Judo

The Gokyo No Waza (the Five Courses of Instruction) formulated by the Kodokan in 1895 are generally regarded as essential to the study of throwing techniques. Originally, the Gokyo No Waza consisted of 42 techniques, now termed the Kyu (former) Gokyo No Waza. In 1920, the Kodokan revised the Gokyo No Waza to consist of 5 groups of 8 techniques, totaling 40 techniques in all. On October 5, 1982 (the 100th anniversary of the Kodokan), the Shimmeisho No Waza was formalized, adding 25 new techniques. On April 10, 1997, Ippon Seoi Nage and Sode Tsurikomi Goshi were added to the list of approved techniques.

The following throwing techniques have not been considered by the Kodokan to be unique techniques but as variations of one of the 67. While they have been given names that help to identify the technique, it will have to be decided by the high-Dans of the Kodokan to recognize any new techniques.

Throws with this icon indicate there is a video to accompany the written description.
  1. Obi Tori Gaeshi   8. Nidan Ko Soto Gari
2. Ko Uchi Makikomi WMV   9. Nidan Ko Soto Gake
  3. O Tsuri Goshi    10. O Soto Gake
  4. Ko Tsuri Goshi 11. Yoko Tomoe Nage WMV
  5. Kuki Nage   12. Katate Sukui Nage
6. Ganseki Otoshi WMV   13. Daki Sutemi
7. Te Guruma WMV   14. Tama Guruma