Tsukikomi Jime - Poking Choke

Shime Waza #10
  Tsukikomi Jime, when applied properly is a blood choke which works by stopping the flow of blood to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally during the choke.  


  Begin with Uke standing in front of you. Reach up and grab Uke's lapels with your right hand grabbing the left lapel and your left grabbing the right lapel. Notice that your arms are not crossed as they would be with one of the Juji Jime strangulations. Make sure that the hand you are going to be choking with is place a little higher than your pulling hand. Your choking hand should also be place at jaw level on the lapel.

With the second knuckle on your choking hand, press into Uke's neck beside the windpipe where one of the two main arteries is located.  With your other hand, pull strongly on Uke's lapel to remove any slack and make the choke more effective.


  To apply the choke, continue to press firmly into Uke's neck beside the windpipe.  Press towards the center of Uke's neck as you pull. Uke's Windpipe will make is more difficult for Uke to turn out of the choke.  


  As Tori applies the choke, turn towards the choking hand. This is made a little easier since Tori is pulling your shoulders in that direction already. You will need to trap one of Uke's wrists in an effort to break his grip or you will need to bend the elbow of his choking hand to minimize it's effect.   Keeping your tongue pressed strongly against the roof of your mouth will help delay the effects of the choke.   Note: in the options below, Tori is poking with the right hand and controlling with the left.

Option A:
Reach across the top of Tori's hands with your right hand and grab Tori at the wrist.   Reach up and grab the top of Tori's forearm at the elbow with your left hand and press it down to your chest.   This changes the angle so that the choke is no longer effective.

Option B:
With your right hand, reach across your body and trap Tori's right wrist, now roll toward your right raising your left hand high so you can get Tori's right elbow into your left armpit.   You now have the option of applying Waki Gatame if your placement is sufficient.  Otherwise, there is no choke at this point.

Option C:
If you are in a position where you can get your arms or legs in between you and Tori and you can push Tori's shoulders away, you can stop the effectiveness of the choke since this pushes Tori's choking hand away from your neck.
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