Ude Garami - Arm Entangling Arm Lock (Up)

Kansetsu Waza #1a
  Ude Garami, when applied properly is an arm lock applied at the elbow while the arm is bent. Ude Garami is one of the most versatile arm locks used as it can be applied from just about any position. By applying the arm lock correctly and causing Uke to tap twice, you can cause Uke to forfeit the match.  


  Begin by having Uke lie on the mat face up. Since this arm lock can be applied to the near and far side arms. We will cover the application of this joint lock to the near side arm here.
NEAR SIDE - Start by grabbing Uke’s right wrist and bending the arm so that it would appear that Uke is waving. Grab Uke’s right wrist with your left hand. Reach under Uke’s triceps from the belt side and place your right hand on top of your left. Both hands are used to stabilize and control Uke’s arm. Uke’s arm should be placed in a 90 degree angle which should be maintained for the duration of the lock.
OPPOSITE SIDE - Reach across Uke’s body with your left arm and place Uke’s left arm into a similar position as previously described so that the elbow is at the same level as the shoulder and the hand is above it towards the head, at about the same level as Uke’s left ear. Grab Uke’s left wrist with your left hand. At this point, because of your position and balance, it is not uncommon to just lay across Uke’s chest for additional support and control. Reach your right hand under Uke’s triceps and grab your left wrist. You have created a rectangle with your arms and Uke’s left arm.


  To apply the arm lock, hold Uke’s wrist near but not pinned to the mat. The wrist will need to be moved to affect the lock so it should not rest on the mat in both the near and far side applications of this lock. Raise Uke’s triceps with your right arm so that the elbow is raised off of the mat. Begin to move Uke’s wrist under the elbow and opposite the direction of the palm. The arm should maintain a 90 degree angle the entire time the lock is being applied. The hand movement is away from Uke’s body and then down towards Uke’s feet.
If Uke begins to roll away from you, then you are lifting the near side arm too far above the mat and you should lower the wrist and twist more. For control, always keep Uke’s arm or body in close proximity to your own.
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