Ude Hishigi Ude Gatame - Arm Crushing Straight Arm Lock

Kansetsu Waza #3
  Ude Gatame, when applied properly is a joint lock against the elbow while the arm is straight. Uke can be lying on the mat or standing when this lock is applied. By applying the arm lock correctly and causing Uke to tap twice, you can cause Uke to forfeit the match.  


  Begin by standing in front of Uke and taking a normal grip. With Uke’s right hand at your collar grabbing your lapel, release your right hand grip and seize Uke’s wrist to trap it to your shoulder.  Release your grip of Uke’s left sleeve and place it on Uke’s right elbow, rolling the arm inward so that the elbow only flexes downward and the pinky finger is towards the ceiling and the thumb is on your shoulder.  


  To apply the arm lock, trap Uke’s right hand with your right hand and the side of your head. Press down on Uke’s right elbow with your left hand. If you need to, squat so that you can create more leverage. Don’t allow Uke to turn the arm over to release the lock.  
Ude Gatame - PDF Ude Gatame Standing - WMV Ude Hishigi Ude Gatame - Audio
  Ude Gatame Ground - WMV