Ushiro Kesa Gatame - Reverse Scarf Hold Down

Osaekomi Waza Miscellaneous #2
  Ushiro Kesa Gatame is an immobilization where you control Uke’s neck and one shoulder. By controlling your opponent in any immobilization or series of immobilizations for 25 seconds, you can earn a full point and win your match.  


  Begin by having Uke lie on his back. Sit beside of Uke, facing towards Uke’s feet with Uke on your right (Note that this is exactly opposite of Kesa Gatame). Sit with your right leg straight and along Uke’s side. Your right knee should be along the side of Uke’s left shoulder. Your left leg should be bent behind you to brace against a push in that direction.  This is typically referred to as the “hurdler’s stretch”.
With your left hand, grab under Uke’s left arm between the elbow and shoulder and pin the arm under your left against your ribs. The palm of your left hand should be pressed towards the back of Uke’s arm so that the arm is tight against your abdomen or chest. With your right hand, reach over Uke’s over head under Uke's right shoulder. Slide your right hand under Uke's shoulder and grab Uke's gi at the chest so that Uke's right arm is raised high in the air. You want to limit the range of motion Uke has with this arm.
The right side of your rib cage should be pressed firmly against Uke's left shoulder. Lower your head towards Uke's chest so that your head is above Uke's right ribs. Your right armpit should be directly over Uke's face limiting the movement of Uke's head.


  From the above described position, tighten your grasp of Uke’s gi with your right hand which should lead to a tightening of the shoulder hold you have on Uke at the moment. Pull your left hand, which has a grasp of Uke’s Right sleeve at the elbow, towards yourself. Press your left elbow tightly against your side securing Uke’s right arm.  Press your right knee deeply under Uke but not so much as to weaken your own position. You want to concentrate your weight on Uke's shoulders and head and not so much on the chest. Lean into Uke as if to drape a scarf across Uke’s chest. Hence the name of this hold.
Now lower your head and concentrate on the force that Uke exerts in an attempt to extricate himself from the hold.


  The control of Uke is affected by the placement of both of your feet and your right arm. At all times, keep your hips low to the ground and braced against Uke while pinning Uke’s left arm tightly to your left side. Keep your head low to prevent Uke from obtaining a hold on your lapels which could results in a choke being used to counter the hold-down. Use your right leg to keep Uke’s left shoulder off of the mat which will also assist you in maintaining control of Uke’s left arm and shoulder.  
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