Ude Hishigi Waki Gatame - Arm Crushing Arm Pit Arm Lock

Kansetsu Waza #5
  To apply the arm lock, tighten your grip on Uke’s wrist with your right hand and pin Uke’s right arm to your side. Your left hand should be open and the palm placed against the elbow.  Your left foot should be on Uke’s right side so that the knee can be placed above the elbow.  Now press down with your knee while supporting the wrist.  


  Begin by having Uke stand in front of you. You and Uke should take a normal judo grip of each other with your right hand on the lapel and the left hand along the sleeve. With your right hand, grab Uke’s right wrist which should be on your collar at about your collar bone. Release your grasp of Uke’s sleeve with your left hand and bring your left arm over Uke’s, now pinned, right arm.
Pivot ½ turn toward your right so that you are able to swing your left elbow over Uke’s outstretched right arm. Now you and Uke should be facing in the same direction and Uke’s arm should be held under your left armpit at about the elbow. The pinky of the left hand should be towards the sky and the thumb down towards the ground. Both hands should be at the wrist holding it firmly and Uke should now be in a stooped or bent forward position.


  To apply the arm lock, tighten your grip on Uke’s wrist with both hands and pin your left arm to your body so that Uke is not able to readily move the outstretched arm. At this point, squat down while raising Uke’s wrist. This will flex Uke’s arm at the elbow.
If Uke attempts to drop down out of the arm lock, don’t be afraid to drop to one knee to maintain the lock. Keep your left arm pinned close to you and maintain a firm grasp of Uke’s wrist.
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